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Chef Joseph Perino 

Tap List (4/18/2018)

beer list

1847 rye stout_5.6% abv - 50 ibu
dulachan_5.6% abv – 51 ibu
belfast black smoked porter_7.5% abv – 43 ibu
814 pils_5.1% abv - 37 ibu
labealtaine fire wheat_5% abv – 26 ibu
red paddy irish ale_4.6% abv – 20 ibu
gold leopard farmhouse saison_5% abv 15 ibu
ulster breakfast stout _7.5% abv – 27 ibu
*cali-common_4.8% abv –35 ibu
verboten_5.7% abv - 12 ibu
lace curtain belgain ale_ 8.1%abv - 21 ibu
peach pree saison_ 7.3% abv - 27 ibu

* Beer Of The Month is $3
All other drafts are $5 (seasonal drafts may vary in price)

bar snacks___________________________________________________
pretzels and beer cheese duck fat, hop salt, pepper $9
pepperoni balls (2) duck fat, hop salt, pepper $5
shishito peppers maldon flakes, burnt lime $7 (GF,V)
steamed kimchi buns (3) kimchi, cilantro, red onion, peanuts, black sesame seed $8
potstickers sesame seaweed, sesame oil, soy, thai chili

salads ____________________________________________________
house salad $7 (GF,V)
arugula, napa cabbag, roasted jalapeno dressing, feta, peanuts
pickled egg salad $7
pepperoncini eggs, arugula, salsa verde, pickled red onion.

grilled cheese $11 (V)
provolone, cheddar, heirloom tomato, roasted garlic pesto, arugula salad
cuban $12
pulled pork, sliced honey ham, swiss cheese, pickles, whole grain mustard sauce, kettlechips
margherita pizza $7 (V)
mozzarella, roasted tomato sauce, arugula pesto, hop salt
cremini mushroom and egg pizza $8
tomato sauce, mozzarella, cremini mushrooms, arugula, dippy egg,
ricotta stromboli $9
ricotta cheese, arugula, salami, basil tomato sauce
ponzu clams $13
seaweed salad, soy, lime, roasted garlic, flat bread

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