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Wednesday 11am -12am
Thursday 11am -12am
Friday 11am - 12am
Saturday 11am -12am
Sunday BRUNCH 11am - 4pm

Chef Ashley Sayre de Rivas


______beer list


*american murder lager  4.9 %abv- 20 ibu*

coalition kolsch 4.5% abv- 17 ibu

devil’s pumpkin ale 6.5% abv- 18 ibu

guava berliner weisse 3.5% abv- 5 ibu

peach pree saison  7.3% abv- 27 ibu

gold leopard farmhouse ale 5.0% abv- 15 ibu

patio party hoppy wheat 5.4% abv- 36 ibu

rauch smoked lager 5.8% abv -25 ibu

22nd century belgian blonde 7.1% abv- 22 ibu

trébuchet brut ipa 6.6% abv- 21 ibu

pride of erie english ale 4% abv- 30 ibu
imperial french ale 11.5% abv- 91 ibu

pretty visitors oat pale ale 6.0% abv- 45 ibu

brewer’s sweat gose 4.2% abv- 5 ibu

ginger ale 0.0% abv- 0 ibu

derby red wine 11.5% abv

Updated 10/02/2018

* Beer Of The Month 




bar snacks 

beer nuts | mixed nuts, maple syrup, flake salt 6

kettle chips | ancho chile dust or salt & pepper kettle crisps 3 add balsamic mayo or beer cheese +1

bacon candy | 3 strips crunchy lacquered bacon 5

pickled eggs (2) | pepperoncini, hard cooked egg, gherkin, dilly bean 4

pickle jar | pickled veggies, dill, garlic, coriander 6


small plates

pepperoni balls (2) | International Bakery pepp balls, cracked pepper 5, add beer cheese +1

shishito peppers | Maldon salt, burnt lime, sesame 8

pretzels & beer cheese | toasted soft pretzel, Dulachan beer cheese, flake salt 9

nachos borrachos | beer queso, borracho beans, pickled onions and jalapenos, crema, salsa verde 7 add pulled pork +3

house salad | romaine, arugula, pickled red onion, shaved parm, crispy shallot, fennel orange vinaigrette 8



Sandwiches served with a side of kettle chips, meats can be swapped for chickpeas, tacos served 3 per order on flour tortillas with a lime.

la cochinita taco | 16-spice pulled pork, pickled onion, salsa verde, onion, cilantro 10

garbanzo taco | borracho beans, smoked chickpea crumble, mole, lemony arugula 10

smoked salmon | cold-smoked salmon, pretzel roll, rosemary cream cheese, tomato, cucumber, pickled onion, greens, everything bagel spice 12

electric wizard | Applewood ham & gouda, Italian bread, balsamic mayo, tomato, arugula, pickled onion 10

Lavery burger | 6 oz sirloin-brisket blend or veg burger, tomato, fresh greens, gouda, arugula pesto, sesame beer roll 12 add bacon +2

pub pizza | roasted tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni 9

greens, egg, & ham pizza | pickled jalapeno, wilted greens, pesto, egg, ham, roasted tomato sauce 10

roulette pizza | chef’s mystery pizza 9

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