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Lavery Brewery is an American craft brewery that feels comfortable bouncing across brewing traditions and styles. We like traditional beers as much as we like extreme beers and try to walk a fine line between the two at Lavery Brewing Co. The beers listed below are just some exmples of what we like to make. We currently have 9 rotatiing beers on tap. If you must classify us, how about a Pennsylvania-style craft brewery? Do ya feel better now that we fit into a little box? Do ya?

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Rauch Lager Bier Smoked Lager

This clean lager is light in color with a medium body. Our lager is brewed with pure smoke (rauch) malts. The smoke character is very strong, and can seem almost bacon-like, with woody notes cutting through the smoke. Malts also give this beer a somewhat sweet, toasty, yet dry finish.



  • Malts - Beechwood-kilned & Vienna malts
  • Hops - German Hops
  • Lager Yeast
  • ABV - 5.8%
  • IBU - 25

La Bealtaine American Wheat

Named in homage to the spring planting festivals of Ireland and Scotland. Bealtaine is an amazing complex beer rising out of simple ingredients. Brewed with wheat, pilsner and a touch of crystal malts to give this beer a light body and appearance. Hopped with Intense American hops, most of all the new American hop blend Zythos which gives the wheat base Citrus and Pine flavors. It's like a pale ale with wheat versus a traditional wheat ale.



  • Malts - Pilsner, Wheat and Light Crystal
  • Hops - Zythos! Cascade! Columbus!
  • Lavery Yeast Blend
  • ABV - 5%
  • IBU - 35

Imperial French Ale

France has a small brewing culture but their independence and culture is worthy of great respect. This ale is based around our house French saison blend. IFA features a blend of wheat, rye, pale and specialty malts to give this big girl a medium body so as to not become too cloyingly sweet.  Hopped and dry hopped with massive amounts of American hops to double IPA levels. So...is it a Tripel IPA? Hoppy saison, a new style? Who knows and more importantly, who cares. Beers like this don't deserve to be put into tiny boxes. Expect a light colored and light to medium bodied beer with tons of hops and Belgian/French yeast spiceiness in the aroma. Always hazy due to amount of hops and wheat in the recipe. Warming alcohol finish. Surprisingly easy to drink , thanks to our yeast blend.



  • Malts - Pale Malt, Honey Malt, Wheat Malt, Rye Malt and cane sugar
  • Hops -  a top secret classified blend...
  • Lavery French-Belgian Yeast Blend
  • ABV - 11.5%
  • IBU - 82

Belfast Black Smoked Porter

This is the beer that started the brewery. Lots of Munich, Crystal and Smoked malts gives this beer a medium to full body. hopped with our version of a 'noble' hop, Northern Brewer. Expect smoke, chocolate, burnt wood and toffee in the aroma. The hops really only provide enought bitterness to back up the malt. The hops contribute a wonderful woody flavor to the beer that compliments the smoke perfectly. yeast leaves the beer with slight fruity flavors.



  • Malts - Pale, Crystal, Chocolate, Munich & German Rauchmalz
  • Hops - Northern Brewer
  • Lavery Yeast Blend
  • ABV -  7.5%
  • IBU - 35-40

Ulster Breakfast Stout

Traveling around Ireland, we thoroughly enjoyed the hearty Irish breakfast. Oatmeal, fresh milk and bitter coffee are great cures for over imbibing. Brewed with fresh organic coffee, oats, dark roasted malts and milk sugar. Our Ulster Breakfast Stout will blend your late night adventures with your morning recovery.



  • Malts - Pale, Malted and Flaked Oats, Roasted Barely & Brown Malt
  • Hops - Columbus
  • Lavery Yeast Blend
  • ABV - 7.1%
  • IBU - 25

The Devil's Pumpkin Ale

Named after the Irish legend of the Jack O Lantern. Brewed with Pumpkins and Spices. Subtle spicing to make sure you can enjoy more than 1 pint per session. A drier version of your standard Pumpkin ale, ours is not cloyingly sweet. A nice toasty/biscuity flavor from American pale ale malt, slight hop bitterness from Northern Brewer and our house yeast blend that leaves slightly fruity esters.



  • Malts - Pale, Biscuit, Oat malt, Crystal & Vienna
  • Hops - Northern Brewer
  • Lavery Yeast Blend
  • ABV - 6.5%
  • IBU - 26

The Devil’s Dark Side
Pumpkin Stout

What started out as an increasingly popular blend in our pub, has now become a new brand! A mixture of our 1847 Rye Stout and Devil’s Pumpkin Ale has now become the perfect Summer blend!  We start with our Devil’s Pumpkin Ale – a malty and toasty pumpkin ale with notes of caramel, vanilla and cinnamon, and blend it with our 1847 Rye Stout – an extremely dry, roasty stout with notes of chocolate malts. The result is a well-balanced Pumpkin Stout that both stout and pumpkin ale lovers will rejoice over!



  • Malts - Pale, Golden Naked Oats, Biscuit, Crystal, Roasted Barley, Vienna, Munich malt with real pumpkin added in the mash
  • Hops - Columbus
  • Lavery Yeast Blend
  • ABV - 7%
  • IBU - 37

Dulachan India Pale Ale

Dulachan is an in-your-face/front-and-center/West-Coast-style American IPA. Brewed with Pale, CaraVienna and Biscuit malts and hopped (and dry hopped) to 70 IBU's with Simcoe, Citra, Amarillo & Columbus. At only 5.6%ABV, this beer packs a huge hop flavor and aroma without a lot of bite from the bitterness and alcohol. Named after the Irish 'Grim Reaper', this beer will impress and astound!



  • Malts - Pale, CaraVienna & Biscuit
  • Hops - All the great ones!
  • Lavery Yeast Blend
  • ABV - 5.6%
  • IBU - 70

Madra Allta India Pale Ale

Madra Allta is a classic india pale ale with a blend of Bravo and a NEW experimental American hop variety. Our IPA has a beautiful gold color with the unmistakable aroma and flavor of American hops. Hop-focused with light malt sweetness and a toasty dryness in the finish balances the high bitterness perfectly. An easy-drinking IPA awaits. Madra Allta, is the Gaelic word for 'wolf'.



  • Malts - Pale, Vienna, Caramalt & Honey Malt
  • Hops - Bravo & a new Experimental Hop
  • Lavery Yeast Blend
  • ABV - 6.4%
  • IBU - 95

Imperial Red Ale (IRA)

BIG. HOPPY. RED. Irish beer gone incognito! Our IRA has a beautiful burnt orange/red color with the unmistakable aroma and flavor of American hops. This beer is brewed to be dry with full flavor of Columbus, Cascade & Centennial hops.



  • Malts - Pale, Munich, Amber, Crystal & Chocolate
  • Hops - Columbus, Cascade & Centennial
  • Lavery Yeast Blend
  • ABV - 8.2%
  • IBU - 60

1847 Rye Stout

A dry, bitter, Irish-style dark ale brewed with rye, munich and roasted barley malts, massive amounts of Columbus hops and our special house yeast.  Extremely dry, roasty and delicious!



  • Malts - Pale, Rye, Munich, Roasted Barley, Chocolate
  • Hops - Columbus and lots of it!
  • Lavery Yeast Blend
  • ABV - 5.6%
  • IBU - 50

Gold Leopard
Farmhouse Ale (SAISON)

Gold Leopard Saison is a blend of many brewing traditions. We use German malt, French yeast and American attitude to craft this delicious saison. We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoy brewing it!



  • Malts - Pilsner and Wheat
  • Hops - Golding
  • Lavery French-Belgian Yeast Blend
  • ABV - 5%
  • IBU - 20

Liopard Oir
Farmhouse Ale (SAISON)
2013 GABF Gold Medal Winner!

A beer for the ladies, crazies and connoisseurs. A floral, hoppy and fruity Belgian/French-style saison. Saisons are completely undescribable so we won't even try. Our interpretation has five types of grain, nobel hops and three different strains of yeast! The yeast is the star of this show - fruity, spicy, fragrant, alluring and simply delicious. This beer ends dry and crisp. We bottle condition with Brettanomyces Clausenii, a wild yeast that adds fruity, tart and mildly funky aromas and flavors to ale. This beer is great young but will change considerably with time.
Named Liopard oir, Irish for 'gold leopard', which appears on the Lavery Family crest.



  • Malts - Belgian Pilsner, German Pilsner, Vienna, Rye, Oats, Wheat & Corn
  • Hops - Golding
  • Lavery French-Belgian Yeast Blend
  • ABV - 4.5%
  • IBU - 30

Death or Glory Black Saison

Death or Glory Black Saison blends American hops, Belgian/French yeast and roasty malts. The aroma and flavors are enticing, with delicate fruitiness, subtle spice and rounded roast malt characteristics. Our black Saison carries qualities similar to a stout blended with a traditional Saison. Combination of fruity and spicy flavors supported by a light toasty sweetness, flavors of roasted coffee, chocolate, dark fruit with a extremely dry finish.



  • Malts - Pale, Chocolate Rye, Roasted Barley, Golden Naked Oats, Dark Crystal & Biscuit
  • Hops - Bravo
  • Lavery French-Belgian Yeast Blend
  • ABV - 6.66%
  • IBU - 40

'Devil Bird' Holiday Ale

A rich, robust Imperial Porter aged in bourbon barrels. A festive name for a holiday beer, right? Based on the Irish tradition of carrying a dead wren through the streets on the day after Christmas. Will be available usually the week after Thanksgiving and will be very (very) limited release.


  • Malts - Pale, Chocolate, Crystal, Munich & Brown Malts
  • Hops - Bravo
  • Lavery Yeast Blend
  • ABV - 8.5%
  • IBU - 44

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Brewing Innovative Ales
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We focus on quality and innovation. We are an American Craft Brewery: happy to 'borrow' processes and techniques from British, German and Belgian traditions.

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